Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shane West discussing "One Way"

Got the link from Devon Sawa's tweet. So I checked it out. We saw in this episode about Michael's past and how Nikita "lost" Michael. *heartbreak*

Snippets from the article:

  • This felt like a good time to get into why Michael is as dark and violent as he can be
  • Yet he still seems to have a heart and have feelings for Nikita and his job caring for the recruits
  • In this episode we get to see flashbacks of when he was younger and happier with his family before he was ever at Division
  • In the flashbacks I'm clean-shaven
  • It brings them together but it doesn't end well. I hope the audience will be upset in a good way about it.
  • It's hard to keep them apart. This is going to make it a little easier to keep them apart for a while because that is, in truth, where the love story is

Read the rest of what Shane West had to say about the episode "One Way" here.

'Nikita': Shane West on Michael's past, potential romances
By Hanh Nguyen

Nikita returns on Dec 2

There will be no new Nikita episodes this week. Awww, too bad. CW will be airing "Kill Jill" (Episode 3) this Thurs and "Rough Trade" (Episode 4) next week. But a new episode will be aired on Dec 2. Episode title is "Dark Matter" and we may see the return of Owen. Woooohooo! And that's confeeeeermed by Devon himself.
What?!!! Whos on #nikita December 2nd? I forgot about that episode. Must of slipped my mind..... can't get nothing by you guys. WOOT WOOT!!

A Facebook event has been created to remind everyone that a new episode will be aired on December 2.

Nikita stars' obsession with Call of Duty

Our Nikita stars Tiffany Hines and Devon Sawa have been raving about Call of Duty: Black Ops. In case you haven't heard of it, it's a video game.

Even before it was released last November 9, Devon Sawa and Tiffany Hines were anticipating its release.
Devon Sawa
On the 9th i will be nerding it out with the new Call of Duty and by the sounds of things @tiffanyhines1 may be too. #videogamejunkies

Tiffany Hines
Awwww yeeeaahhh! Call of Duty Black Ops u r sooooo miiinneeeee!

And they have even called for a match!
Devon Sawa
#NIKITA Call of Duty? @tiffanyhines1 haha..practice young lady. Cause if I come back, we're going head to head till the death. OWEN VS JADEN

Tiffany Hines
@DevonESawa omg u r soooo on! Brang itttttt!

Like all addicting video games, it will suck time out of your life.
Devon Sawa
eyes are sore, neck has a kink in it, hands are stuck in the shape of the claw and I've had to use the bathroom real bad for 7/hs #BlackOps

Tiffany Hines
Please don't contact me for the next week. I will be playing Call of Duty Black Ops

Not only that, you will have a hard time defining what's real and what's not. Haha.

Devon Sawa
someone keeps pounding on the door yelling fire. I think. Cant tell. Could be real. *bang bang bang* "fire!!!".. Cant stop though. #BLACKOPS

The best good guys are GIRLS!

Been very busy with work so I couldn't post updates. Boo. Anyway, I just loved the way they described the Nikita girls, well, Nikita and Alex as "the best good guys are girls!" Yeah baby! Gotta love that! :)

They have wit, charm, style and they're here to prove that sometimes the best good guys are girls!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday Tweets of the Nikita Stars

Our Nikita stars are not remiss on their part in promoting their show.
Tiffany Hines
* I realize evry1's playin Black Ops Online, but if u don't take a brk@ 9pm &watch #Nikita, I will hunt u dwn wher u live &physically fight u

* Hey East Coast! A new episode of #Nikita starts now! Put down the xbox console and watch!!! #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita

Devon Sawa
* Shane West talking about tonight's #NIKITA ... gonna get deep.... Can't wait. 9 CW ...... what a great cast.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nikita Cancelled or Renewed?

We know that CW has picked up Nikita for a full season but TV By The Numbers is predicting potential renewal or cancellation based on the ratings. Nikita's report card reads: more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2011.

The recent adults 18-49 ratings for 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Hellcats and Nikita are so close that they all look more likely to be renewed than cancelled. I don’t expect much clarity on their ratings until after the New Year, since the CW is close to entering its 2 month repeat hiatus.

Yeah baby! We will be seeing more of Maggie, Lyndsy, Shane, Tiffany, Xander, Melinda, and Aaron. And hopefully more of Devon and Bug.

The complete prediction can be read here.

CW: Game Over For Life Unexpected
By Bill Gorman

Casting for a Love Interest for Alex

TV Fanatic reports that there is the Nikita people are casting for a love interest for Alex.
The show is casting for an attractive actor to come on board The CW drama in the role of a new neighbor for Alex.

Look for this recurring character to offer Alex a glimpse outside the world of Division and give her hope that life doesn't have to be so scary and depressing all the time.

Since Thom is now an agent, then someone else will take his room. Hence the casting. But will we still Thom? What about the Michael angle?

I'm sure we are all dying to know who will be this new guy. And I do hope that they Alex and the new guy will have good chemistry on-screen. Something to look forward to, Nikita fans!

Nikita: Casting for a Love Interest
By Matt Richenthal

'Nikita' review by The Fish

Below are snippets from the review of The Fish on our fave show Nikita.

  • Episodes usually cover a single mission, and it tends to work pretty well. There is enough suspense to keep people interested, plenty of action delivered in the form of gun fights and martial arts, a little subtlety, a dash of style, and a series of twists that are being revealed at a slow but satisfying pace. It's the perfect recipe for a spy series, and Nikita makes good use of the ingredients.
  • Another of the shows best qualities are its characters. The beautiful Maggie Q (Live free or Die Hard) does a stellar job playing the sexy, redemption-hungry Nikita, though there are moments she risks being upstaged by Lyndsy Fonseca (Desperate Housewives), whose portrayal of spy-in-training, Alex, is nothing short of amazing. Further rounding out the cast are Aaron Stanford (X-Men 2) as computer hacker Birkhoff, and Melinda Clarke (The O.C.) who absolutely oozes evil in her portrayal of Division psychologist, Amanda.
  • Despite his attempts, West comes across more as a moody teenager with combat training rather than a good man caught on the wrong side of a fight. He also doesn't seem to command the power his character requires, and his confrontations with Nikita may leave viewers wondering why she doesn't just shoot him and be done with it.
  • For all his reputation of being a ruthless killer, Berkeley's character is about as diabolical as the old man in Pixar's Up. He's just not the villain audiences love to hate, and there's never any doubt that Nikita will thwart his plans and vanish into the shadows unscathed. If the CW hopes to see Nikita move forward, it needs to seriously consider ironing the kinks out of these two characters.
  • t's a good series that will appeal to viewers of all backgrounds, and considering how long it's been since a decent spy thriller came along the timing couldn't be better. Regardless of what else may be said, Nikita has shown to be one of the more promising new series in a season of many disappointments. We're all hoping this agent survives their mission and returns home for a second assignment.

You can read the complete review here.

Nikita Proves It Has A License To Kill
By Ryan Duncan

Nikita is nominated in the People's Choice Awards 2011

Yay! Our fave show Nikita is nominated in the People's Choice Awards 2011 in the Favorite New TV Drama category. The other nominees are:

* Blue Bloods
* Chase
* The Defenders
* Detroit 1-8-7
* The Event
* Hawaii Five-O
* Hellcats
* Law and Order: Los Angeles
* Nikita

Check out the complete list of nominees here. Please don't forget to vote here.

And of course, our Nikita stars are all out in support and campaigning for the PCA.

Devon Sawa:
PLEASE RETWEET go to best new tv drama click #NIKITA

Tiffany Hines
Nice!!! RT @HannahTysonn @tiffanyhines1 Nikita is nominated for Favorite New Tv Drama

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Women of Fall TV: Maggie Q has dedicated a photo gallery of Nikita's Maggie Q. Wooohoo! Lyndsy was in one of the pictures with Maggie.

Women of Fall TV: Maggie Q
By Kevin Fitzpatrick

Nikita Report Card: How Is the New Class Doing?

Are you ready to know your show's grade?
The Good: As played by the super-intense Maggie Q, the assassin Nikita returns with a fresh, modern vengeance. The action is top-notch and the intrigues are an improvement over the original series. The addition of a mole within the nefarious Division adds complexity, and has us really impressed by former teen star Lyndsy Fonseca.
The Bad: Not much so far. The twists are still revealing themselves.

Grade: A-

Oh yeah! A minus! Woooooooooooot!

TV Report Card: How Is the New Class Doing?

Maggie Q in The Women of Video Game Movies: Resident Evil to Super Mario

Our dear Nikita star has been listed as one of the women who has appeared in video game movies. Maggie is part of the video movie game The King of Fighters. The list includes Kristin Kreuk, Mila Kunis, Ashanti, Ali Larter, Leelee Sobieski, Jamie Pressly, Michelle Rodriguez, Mila Jovovich and Angelina Jolie. Do check out the gallery here.

Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer of The King of Fighters below:

The King of Fighters Blu-ray:

You can buy the Blu-ray here.

The Women of Video Game Movies: Resident Evil to Super Mario
By Man Handsome

Living TV's Nikita show page

Nikita has premiered in the UK. It is being aired by Living TV. Check out the show page they created for Nikita. The site also has interviews of Maggie and Lyndsy.

Excerpts from the (short) interview:

On Maggie:
He didn’t duck. Do you like how I don’t directly say it was his fault? But I am like, if you don’t want to get hit, you gotta duck!

(She's a real kick-ass!)

On Lyndsy:
Alex is just really complex, and so is Nikita. These women are complex, like in real life, you are not always just one thing, and the writing really holds up to that.

If you are curious about Nikita's ratings in the UK, you can check out this TV Ratings UK page. Pretty decent numbers for Nikita. YAY!

No work for Nikita stars Lyndsy, Melinda, Tiffany, Shane and Aaron

Thanks to the tweets of Lyndsy and we knew that she and other Nikita stars Melinda Clarke, Tiffany Hines, Shane West and Aaron Stanford watched a football game yesterday. They watched a game between Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears, who won the game.

* Off to the bills game!! With #Nikita

* Get ready!

(Lyndsy looks like a super sweet girl in this pic.)

* Too fun!

(Shane West is so hot in that pose!)

* Thank goodness for days off!

(She sure does look like she's having fun. Good for her!)

Melinda Clarke may not be in any of the pictures but she was with the Nikita gang. And rooting for the American team.
* Bills- Bears! My first football game!!!!! Go Bears!!!!

Tiffany Hines posted a few days later a pic of Lyndsy and her wearing pigtails.
Apparently every female cast member of #Nikita decided pigtails were the perfect football game accessories

Aww, its nice to know that our Nikita stars do hang out outside of work.

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Pacific Blu-Ray DVD

The Pacific Blu-ray DVD was released last November 2. Relevance to Nikita? Ashton Holmes starred in this mini-series as Pfc. Sidney Phillips.

Show your support for our Nikita star by buying the DVD.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Funny Joke from...Maggie Q

This joke was posted in Esquire way back 2007. September 10, 2007 to be exact. Here goes:
Two men are adrift in a lifeboat for days. While rummaging through the boat's provisions, one of the men stumbles across an old lamp. When he touches it, a genie comes forth. This particular genie, however, states that she can deliver only one wish, not the standard three. Without giving much thought, one man blurts out, "Make the entire ocean into beer!" The genie claps her hands and the entire sea turns into brew. The other man looks disgustedly at the one who made the wish. After a long, tension-filled moment, he says, "Nice going! Now we're going to have to pee in the boat.

Funny Joke from...Maggie Q
By David Walters

Maggie is one of fall TV's hot new stars lists Maggie Q as one of fall TV's hot new stars.

Its not so surprising though. She's been in most lists for Fall TV 2010 :) The list is a mix of men and women. Do check it out.

Fall TV's hot new stars

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Maggie Q on female action stars that she admires

In an interview with Collider, Maggie Q revealed that she admires Angelina Jolie and Michelle Yeoh. Collier, though, misspelled Michelle Yeoh's name. Hehe :)

I think Angelina Jolie in Salt is a perfect example because it’s a recent example. I remember seeing promotions for Salt and getting really excited and hoping that it did really well. It’s just good for females right now, in the industry, to be able to headline and carry something that traditionally men carry. What I like that’s happening right now in the action genre, which didn’t happen before, is that they’re using incredibly credible actors now in these big action roles. You see Angelina Jolie in a movie like Salt, and she’s very believable, but not because she’s super tough or has more muscles than the next girl. She’s an incredible actress, and that toughness comes from a place that’s very internal, which is the reason why she’s so good at what she does. That’s a great example of a really quality actress in a role where she’s doing both, and you have to be. I look at people like Angelina and Michelle Yo, early on, when I was living in Asia, and people like that, and I admired them because it was the combination of things that they brought to the screen that really worked. Now that I’m in that position, I know how hard it is, and my admiration has just been heightened.

More of the interview over here.

Maggie Q Interview NIKITA
by Christina Radish

That pool party scene with Nikita wearing a red bikini

Maggie Q mentioned at the San Diego Comic Con panel that she was told but she was going to wear a classic one-piece bathing suit. But when the bathing suit was handed to her, it turned out to be a two-piece bathing suit with a string. Maggie talked more about that scene in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
It was absolutely terrifying. Also, it was supposed to be a small scene. It’s like a private party of seven or eight people. I get to set and there’s like 100 hot extras with like massive t**s and they’re gorgeous. And I was like, “Really you guys?!” Now I’m walking around set looking like a 12-year old boy next to all these hot girls with huge boobs. I was so horrified. I was dying.

What makes me like this show more is Maggie's dedication to the show. She's doing it with so much passion.
People ask me whether I’m nervous, but I weirdly don’t feel nervous, and not because I don’t think I’ll fail. I’ve certainly failed in my life at different times and I’m sure I’ll fail again. It’s because I feel like the energy I put into pressure or feeling nervous, I could just put into something really great. That’s really my goal. My mind is all about work. I see those posters and I got, “S**t I better live up to that hype!” Not by taking more clothes off but by making something that people won’t forget. That’s what it is for me.

The interview can be read over here.

'Nikita' star Maggie Q talks her new hit series, kicking butt, and being a Jackie Chan protege
by Tim Stack

Craig Silverstein Interview

Craig Silverstein is the executive producer of our beloved show Nikita. Snippets from The Collider interview:

On doing another version of Nikita:
I had to take it upon myself to find a way that it could be done fresh, where you didn’t know how this story was going to end. That’s when I came upon the idea of following Nikita after she had left the agency, which is a chapter that’s never been told.

About the Nikita character:
I think it’s a mini-mythology now, like Batman or James Bond. Obviously, it’s not to that level, but people know it. It’s been done enough now that it’s got its own myth attached to it, and the powerful thing about it is that there’s a very fairytale aspect to the whole story. It’s a dark fairytale.

Casting Maggie Q:
It had to be someone who was beautiful, who could fight, who you could believe holding a gun and who you believed was smart, in order to plan everything that she was doing. You’d think those things would be easy to find in an actor, and they’re not. We had actors come in and these girls would be gorgeous and smart, but you’d put a gun in their hands and it didn’t work. The second we heard Maggie’s name, Danny Cannon, our director, and I looked at each other and were like, “Yes!” It was really early on in the process.

Casting Lyndsy Fonseca:
She was intense when she came in to audition. We were like, “Woah!” I don’t think you’ll be thinking of her as the girl next door for much longer.

Nikita vs Alex? Uh oh.
And then, Alex and Nikita’s relationship is also going to start to fray. There will be conflict all around.

Interested to read the full article? Read here.

Executive Producer Craig Silverstein Interview NIKITA
by Christina Radish

'Nikita' review by TeenToday.Co.UK

An all-around good review for Nikita. Praises abound!

  • We don’t want to give too much away, especially if you haven’t seen the pilot, which runs along at a fairly rudimentary speed until throwing in a total game-changer in the final five minutes, but it’s basically Alias for the noughties… except Alias was in the noughties but you get my drift… Spooks on a bigger budget, 24 but with a hot female lead. In short, it’s awesome.
  • In addition to all the action, there’s a few romantic subplots scattered here and there, plus just enough tantalising hints of backstory thrown at us each episode to make us hungry for more.
  • But if it’s a high-kicking, hard-punching forty minutes of fast-paced intrigue and action you’re up for, Nikita might be just your bag. With a bomb in it. But your bag nonetheless.

Read the complete review here.
Why Nikita kicks ass – literally!
By Rach Read

Nikita Check-In

When watching Nikita every Thursday, check in with Miso.

Watch Nikita. Check in with Miso. Watch Nikita again :)

Season 1 Episode 8, Phoenix Ratings

And Nikita did not do well again! Final ratings for Thurs:

- 2.411 million viewers
- 1.5/2 HH
- 0.9/2 A18-49
- 0.9/3 A18-34
- 1.1/3 W18-34

How can that be?!? Lets keep on supporting the show and that'll bring back the numbers!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday Tweets of the Nikita Stars

Thursday night is Nikita night so expect loads of tweets from our Nikita stars.

Devon Sawa
* #nikita tonight at 9.

* Everybody NOT in the UK, fly there and watch me on NIKITA.... Everybody IN the UK turn to Living(?) tonight at some point. THANKS MATES!

* watched and loved this weeks #nikita.... glad I was a part of such great TV!

Tiffany Hines
* It's Thurs y'all! U kno wat dat means! Another new epi of #Nikita! on CW @ 9pm! & Get ready cause Jaden returns Nov 11 & causes trbl 4 alex!

Lyndsy Fonseca
* Tonight! #Nikita. via @youtube

Melinda Clarke
(unrelated tweet but nonetheless a 'Nikita' tweet)
* Just finished an 15 hour day on set of #nikita with Maggie Q. All I can say..She's a rock star! I'm in awe!!!

Maggie is deaf in one ear?

As read on Ask Men's profile of Maggie Q, she is deaf on one ear! OMG. Is this for real?
"I got smashed in the face with a piece of two-by-four, which left one side of my face completely black for two weeks. I'm also deaf in one ear where my eardrum was blown out in an explosive stunt."

Episode Recap: Phoenix (Season 1 Episode 8)

If you have seen tonight's episode, then you can read the recap by TV Squad here. If you haven't seen it yet, don't read the recap because you will spoil the fun of watching a new episode of Nikita. Don't tell me I didn't warn you :)


'Nikita' Season 1, Episode 8 Recap (VIDEO)
by Ryan McGee

Season 1 Epiosde 9 One Way

Episode Title: One Way

Episode Description:

Nikita (Maggie Q) and Michael (Shane West) temporarily team-up to kill a terrorist who murdered Michael's family many years ago. When Percy (Xander Berkeley) learns this information, he sends Division agents to kill Nikita, who ultimately compromises the mission, leading to Michael's capture by the terrorist group. Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) is caught going through medical files inside Division so she creates a lie that involves Jaden (Tiffany Hines) and almost blows her cover. Melinda Clarke, Aaron Stanford and Ashton Holmes also star. Ken Fink directed the episode written by Albert Kim.


"One Way"--Xander Berkley as Percy and Melinda Clarke as Amanda on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--Tiffany Hines as Jaden on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--LtoR: Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex and Tiffany Hines as Jaden on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--LtoR: Tiffany Hines as Jaden and Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--LtoR: Melinda Clarke as Amanda and Lydnsy Fonseca as Alex on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--LtoR: Tiffany Hines as Jade and Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--LtoR: Lyndsy Fonseca as Alex, Tiffany Hines as Jade and Xander Berkley as Percy on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

"One Way"--Tiffany Hines as Jade on NIKITA on The CW. Photo:Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

Preview Clip

Nikita babe Maggie Q dated former Roma midfielder Hidetoshi Nakata

Ooh, interesting tidbit. According to Soccer Lens, Maggie used to date an athlete and goes by the name Hidetoshi Nakata.
Our sources tell us that Q has dated the former Japanese midfielder Hidetoshi Nakata.

Will research more on this guy in the next few days. In case you want more pics of Maggie, read the Soccer Lens article. Well, more of see the article since it has more space for the pics that for the text of the article.


Nikita babe Maggie Q dated former Roma midfielder Nakata
By Soccerlens

Episode Review: Phoenix (Season 1 Episode 8)

This just in. TV Fanatic's review of tonight's episode 'Phoenix.'

  • Unfortunately, "Phoenix" was not my favorite installment of Nikita, mostly to due its stalled forward movement.
  • I’m bummed that the action between Alex and Thom was only a way for Alex to use the latter. The look on her face afterward did make me question if there were feelings, but for now I believe it to be just a diversion. Nikita trained her well. Well enough to take a broken wrist to get the antidote. What do you think of Thom as an agent? I’m not sure he can hack it.
  • You have to love Birkhoff and his one-liners. Even though he was only in one or two scenes this week, he managed to get his word in.
  • I can’t say I’m upset at the lack of Percy. I’m aware that viewers are supposed to hate Percy’s character, but I do wish the writers would give him some interesting dialogue, or something to look forward to in his scenes.


Nikita Review: "Phoenix"
By Elena

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Noah Bean to join Nikita

According to Deadline, Noah Bean (David Connor in Damages) will play as Ryan Fletcher, a CIA case officer & analyst. This will be a recurring role. Will he be Nikita's new love interest? Let's wait and see :)


CASTINGS: Actors Board FX's 'Alabama', MTV's 'Death Valley' And CW's 'Nikita'
By Nellie Andreeva

Nikita-Michael Fan Video

Saw this newly-uploaded Nikita-Michael fan video.

Enjoy! :)

Maggie Q vs LL Cool J + Chris O'Donnell


Who do you think will win if Maggie Q fights LL Cool J & Chris O'Donnell at the same time? Devon Sawa thinks that it Maggie Q. He tweeted earlier that:

Yes. That was me on NCIS LA. For the record: Maggie Q would take LL and O'donnell in a Punjabi Cage Death Match... At the same time #nikita

Of course, no doubt it will be Maggie Q :)

Dawn Ostroff TCA Interview

Dawn Ostroff is the President for Entertainment for The CW Television Network. I love hearing the insights of these big time executives because it gives you a look on how they think. Might be useful for me someday haha :)

Excerpts from the interview:

How will the new shows fit in with the current programming slate?

As The CW enters its fifth year, we are well positioned for growth. For the first time in our history, we now have original programming across the entire fall schedule, on every night and in every time period. We’ve made some strategic moves with our returning shows, and we are introducing two new shows this season, in Hellcats and Nikita, which we are very excited about.

What prompted you to put Nikita and Hellcats on your schedule?

Well, we have been trying to develop a female-empowering action-adventure show for a couple of seasons. When we received the Nikita script, we were thrilled because it was a show that we felt more realistic than a lot of the scripts that we had read. It had a female character who had a real passion and a reason why she was being driven. We also liked the idea that it was set in the world of spies, and the writing was very strong. Danny Cannon did an amazing job directing the show, and McG is one of the producers. It just was an incredible package. And then, when we set out to cast it and we heard Maggie Q was interested in the role and we saw her in a screen test, we knew it was going to be pretty special.

Just posting Nikita-related answers. The rest of interview she discussed about Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, etc. You can read it here.

Dawn Ostroff TCA Interview: The President of Entertainment for The CW Television Network talks SMALLVILLE, SUPERNATURAL, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, NIKITA, HELLCATS, More
by Christina Radish

Maggie Q is one of the kickass ladies of Fall 2010 TV

Maggie Q is included in the list of Entertainment Weekly's "12 Kick-ass Ladies of Fall TV"

Check out the complete list here.

12 Kick-ass Ladies of Fall TV
By Sandra Gonzalez, Emily Exton

Shane West drove from L.A. to Toronto

And this is what he means by taking charge. Doing things by himself. Doing things passionately. Minding the mundane details.

When he moved to Toronto from L.A. to begin shooting Nikita, he chose to drive himself the 2186 miles. He explains, "I did a road trip and packed the car with my own pillows and blankets, eight pairs of shoes, 30 t-shirts, a video game system and other things I couldn't have taken in a suitcase." For now, he's calling Toronto home and seems happy. "I couldn't be more passionate about this business," he says enthusiastically.

WOW! I am awed.

Shane West's Journey to Nikita
By Tamar Abrams

Are 'Nikita' ads too sexy?

Do you think this ad is too sexy?

According to Variety, L.A. shopping center the Grove turned down that ad.
L.A. shopping center the Grove, for example, turned down the ad featuring Maggie Q seated and wearing a leather outfit. Locales in Chicago and New York also passed on the image.

In other parts of Los Angeles, the ad of "Nikita" in the chair was approved -- except on billboards located near schools and churches.

But this ad was approved.

In those cases, outlets including the Grove were fine with a replacement ad featuring the actress in a long red dress and brandishing a machine gun.

Make that conditionally approved.
In Culver City, the machine gun ad wasn't welcome, particularly on billboards facing the 405 Freeway.

Hooray for the shopping centers that approved. And thanks to "peer pressure."
In Santa Monica, the newly reopened Santa Monica Place Mall initially turned down the "Nikita" ads -- but relented after discovering that shopping centers in other locales had given the greenlight.

But this is what the CW Marketing Head had to say:
"Of course, we've been down this road a few times with some of our campaigns. We know it's always smart to come prepared to have different options ready to offer our different constituents," said CW marketing topper Rick Haskins.

Good job, sir!

CW's 'Nikita' ads too sexy?
By Michael Schneider

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Destined Role for Maggie Q

Others are overnight sensations. Others wait for years to have that big break. But when that big break comes, it will be worth it. Lucky for Maggie that she has been doing action for more than a decade already. Pioneer female action star? :)
"As lucky as I've been in other people's films, it's good to have my own thing," she says. "It's hard being a woman known for action films. Now you have Angelina (Jolie) in 'Salt,' but when I started, it wasn't the cool thing to do as an actress."

Maggie may have struggled for years with her action roles but it has lead to something big.
"There's no room to get your bearings when you do Asian films, which are emotionally and physically draining. I was groomed to be in this role right now," Q says of making movies in as little as two weeks to a month. "It's a workload I can handle and a genre I'm familiar with. The road I've traveled has brought me here."

You deserve it, Maggie!

'Nikita' role feels like destiny for Maggie Q
By Susan Young

Shane West making it big

Just wanted to quote this last paragraph from the article "A Phoenix of a Film Exhumes a Punk Prince" because it speaks of Shane West's journey to where he is now.
“Darby would totally appreciate a teen idol actor from ‘ER’ playing him,” Mr. Bolles said. “We get recognized at clubs. Shane gets recognized at airports. He said he was going to be huge, Darby did, and nobody really ever believed him. I think this is another part of that long last laugh.”
(Don Bolles is the drummer of the Germs.)

I recommend you to read the article if you want to understand the journey of the movie "What We Do Is Secret."

Aptly so, the next episode of Nikita is "Phoenix." And the title of the article has "phoenix" on it. Nice coincidence :)

A Phoenix of a Film Exhumes a Punk Prince
By Marc Spitz

Stuck in Asia, Dreaming of Hollywood

I found this old article in the archives of The New York Times. Its about Asian stars dreaming to making it big in Hollywood. At that time, our 'Nikita' star Maggie Q was virtually unknown in the US but a big star in Asia. Much so that the caption of the photo said:
Maggie Q, a star in Asia but still relatively unknown in the United States, in “Live Free or Die Hard.

But we all know that a little patience goes a long, long way. So here we are now, fast forward to present and Maggie Q is the star of a US TV series.

Having lived in 2 continents, Maggie has had different experiences and exposures to working conditions. And that I think will make you a better person.
In Hong Kong a cracked shin earned her an hourlong respite. “On ‘Live Free’ I got a little cut and they were like: ‘Oh my God! Medic!’ ” she said. “It was so wonderful. I was, like, in tears.”

I loved the fact that she kept her HK manager.
At one of Taiwan’s bustling night markets, she met a woman who suggested that she go to Hong Kong: “She gave me a number and said, ‘Call this woman. She’ll help you.’ ”

That woman was Meeyian Yong, who, nearly 10 years later, is still Ms. Q’s manager. She lent her money and found her a place to stay until she started getting work.

But Hollywood is Hollywood. It is the measure of success of TV & movie actors.
But as big as Asian-American talent can become in Asia, true success is still often measured in American terms. “My manager’s biggest dream is for me to be on Letterman,” Ms. Q said. “Letterman comes on at, like, 2 a.m. in Hong Kong, and she watches him every night. She says, ‘Oh, Maggie, will you promise me you’ll be on Letterman?’ What can I say? I just tell her I can’t promise, but I’ll try my best.”

Stuck in Asia, Dreaming of Hollywood
By Robert Ito

'Nikita' review by The New York Times

I found these points/thoughts interesting.

  • That failure of imagination serves at least one purpose: it reinforces how suited Maggie Q is to the role of Nikita: she has a solemn, exotic beauty and hauteur that echo the heroine’s self-possession and cool relentlessness.
  • Nikita is noticeably more hard-boiled and less girlish than the undercover agent played by Jennifer Garner on “Alias,” or the C.I.A. rookie that Piper Perabo plays on “Covert Affairs.”
  • But for all its pandering, “Nikita” is actually a well-made thriller for grown-ups: a heroine in a decidedly unheroic line of work.

The full review can be found here though the review is mixed with "Hellcats."

Lethal Woman With Weapons Is Out for Covert Vengeance
By Alessandra Stanley

More Alex and Thom!

I like the Alex-Thom more than the Alex-Michael love team. So I was delighted with this tweet today from Lyndsy Fonseca:
I'm going to kick @ashtonholmes ass today : )

To which Ashton Holmes replied:
Psshtt. What she means is... Well... ya see... uch... whatever. RT @LyndsyMFonseca: I'm going to kick @ashtonholmes ass today : )

Love, love, love :)

Who is the biggest diva on the set of Nikita?

Thanks to Tiffany Hines, we know now who is the biggest diva on the set. Ready to know? Its...

... this dog.

Jaden posted this a few minutes ago:

The biggest diva on set #Nikita

@TheRealMsClarke @LyndsyMFonseca @AshtonHolmes @devonEsawa

So cute and adorable! I bet they all love that dog on the set. I also found this other pic on Tiffany Hines stream:

Previous tweets from Tiffany Hines are this:
Nothing like filming a badass fight at 6 in the morning! Wait... Where's the coffee at again?

and this:

Chillin at Division

Nikita videos by No Return Productions

Found this channel with Nikita fan videos. And they are way cool!

Nikita - So Hard

Michael / Nikita - Over Already

Thanks Jenna. You should follow her on Twitter.

Ashton Holmes performs with his former band Method of Groove

WOWOWOWOW! I didn't know that he was in a band. Check out the video below. Its an old video though.

'Nikita' review by The Jambrong

The Jambrong recently posted a review of Nikita.

You can read the full review here.

New CW shows Nikita and Hellcats cutthroat without the edge

Adding 1 more to the Twitter list: Melinda Clarke

Melinda Clarke joined Twitter an hour ago! Yay! That's her first tweet below:

And she quickly sent tweets to her co-stars:

For Tiffany Hines:
@tiffanyhines1 Hi Tiffany! My first day on twitter! How's the fight scene going?

For Lyndsy Fonseca:
@LyndsyMFonseca Hi Lyndsay. My first day on twitter. Like the pic with Pedro. Cute! What's the ransom?

Ashton Holmes tweeted this awhile ago:
Ladies and gents, please follow @TheRealMsClarke because she is as witty as she is sexy.

Updated list as of posting:

Tiffany Hines (Jaden)
Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex)
Ashton Holmes (Thom)
Devon Sawa (Owen)
Bug Hall (Robbie)
Melinda Clarke (Amanda)

Let me know if I missed anyone :)

Nikita Icons and Wallpapers

Found these great icons and desktop wallpapers while looking for new things to post. Awesome, awesome stuff.

Posting a screenshot of the few icons that you can download.

And these are the wallpapers.

You can download all of these great stuff for your digital life over here.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Early calltime for our Nikita stars?

Lyndsy tweeted this:
5:30am. At work. #nikita. Too early!!!

WHAT?!? Wondering if its a 5:30 am calltime or they haven't finished taping yet at that hour.

But I think Lyndsy is having fun because she posted this after:
Pedro kidnapped! #MaggieQ

She kidnapped Maggie Q's cat? If she did, that's funny :) I wonder if they will have to do some action scenes before Pedro will be rescued from his kidnapper :)

Monday, November 1, 2010

'Nikita' review by Collider

Points from Collider's review of "Nikita":

  • The pilot, directed one-time CSI regular Danny Cannon, is very slick. To my eye, as slick as anything the major networks put together with their comparably major budgets.
  • The dialogue — credited to Craig Silverstein and David Levinson — is a bit clunky in undertaking the effort to establish the complexities of the world via exposition, voiceover, and flashback.
  • The major takeaway from episode one: Maggie Q is a star. Of all the fall season’s new hopefuls, she ties with Lone Star’s James Wolk for “Most Poised for a Breakout.” She’s endlessly charismatic, a credible action star, and capably shoulders the sometimes overwrought drama thrust upon her.
  • Fonseca is a competent second lead in a role that requires a lot of deception: she’s come a long way from countless reaction shots as Ted’s future daughter in How I Met Your Mother. It’s hard to come away from four seasons of The O.C. without some sort of fondness for Clarke, and she’s well-cast here in the role of credentialed seductress.
  • I wouldn’t say West shined as Michael, but he didn’t specifically botch any of scenes. A notable feat in a role that could be problematic to the series without some deft acting.

Review: The CW’s NIKITA
by Brendan Bettinger

Tiffany Hines Interview

I finally found a video interview of Tiffany Hines. So here goes;

'Nikita' star Tiffany Hines visited the ClevverTV Lounge to talk about her new The CW show based on the Luc Besson hit 'La Femme Nikita', her character "Jaden", choreographing fight scenes and some of the men that will appear on the show.

EOnline interviews Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca at SDCC

Kristin Dos Santos interviews Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

Maggie Q

Lyndsy Fonseca's Beth Lisick catches up with the cast of Nikita

Another video from the San Diego Comic-Con 2010.

Comic-Con 2010 : Nikita

Sneak Peek Screening of Nikita at the San Diego Comic-Con 2010

Nikita: The Femme Fatale Lives Again

Hollywood 411 gives you a sneak peek at The CW's Nikita, the latest incarnation of the iconic femme fatale. Star Maggie Q, a Jackie Chan protege, talks about the series and recalls how she knocked out an actor who got too close.

Maggie Q and Shane West on their photo shoot with TV Guide Magazine

OMG! I am so happy I found this video!

Maggie is so pretty and Shane is dashingly handsome especially when he was viewing the photos. The best scene would have to be when they were about to kiss.

Computers Used by Nikita

Nikita relies on computers a lot. And she uses different ones.

Dell Laptop from the opening sequence

Dell Laptop from Episode 1
(Is this different from the Dell Laptop from the opening sequence? Seems to me of different color. Perhaps due to the lighting that it changed color? But the blue laptop appears again at the end.)

Unknown desktop from Episode 2

Sony Netbook from Episode 4

And another unknown desktop from Episode 5

Maggie Q and Lyndsy Fonseca at SDCC 2010

The Nikita panel at SDCC 2010 consisted of Maggie Q, Lyndsy Fonseca and Craig Silverstein. No Shane West though.

It has fantastic panoramic pics of the Nikita panel. Check out the slideshow here. The Nikita pics are after the Community (Joel McHale! But love the Abed and Troy duo.) pics.

And here's a short video from that panel.

Nikita Panel at NYCC 2010 Part 2

Found another set of pictures of the Nikita panel at the NYCC 2010. Towards the end of the set, you will see pictures of the cast of V.

View the slideshow here.

Nikita Panel at NYCC 2010

Found this great set of pictures from the recently-concluded NYCC 2010. On the panel are the Nikita stars Maggie Q (of course!), Shane West and Lyndsy Fonseca.

View the pics here.

Here's a video of them at the same event.

Nikita iPhone App: Nikita Spy Training Mobile

For those who have an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, you can download the Nikita app Nikita Spy Training Module for free! Just head over to iTunes and download.

A secret unit of the government called Division is looking for new recruits to track down escaped assassin Nikita. As a rookie in the Division Spy Training Program you are required to successfully pass several levels of weapons training by demonstrating your exceptional skill in their multi-target firing range. Prove yourself and you could possibly be selected to hunt down Nikita.

Nikita Spy Training Mobile Features

-Fast paced shooting range
(As your time counts down your targets speed up)
-Bonuses awarded for head shots and bullseyes
-Multiple weapon upgrades
-Multiple targets
(Choose your targets wisely as some reward time bonuses)
-Facebook bragging
(Earn badges based on your score and post it to Facebook)
-Exclusive video
(Earn a high enough score to receive a priority one message from Division)



You can download the free app here.

Justin Long to guest star

In an article by EOnline, comedy guy Justin Long will be seen soon on Nikita.
"I just asked Justin Long if he would do something for the show and he said absolutely, 100 percent he would," Q tells us.

She said, "I actually have an idea for a character for him and I just presented it to the writers and they were like, 'Genius! We love it!' So we're writing it now and then we're going to send it to him."

Maggie Q and Justin Long go way back that's why he agreed to do it. But as to doing action and fight scenes, this is what he had to say:
"I'd have to, right? I can't kick her ass," he told us Tuesday at the L.A. premiere of Conviction. "We've talked about it. Maggie's a dear friend of mine so it would be fun. I'd love to work with her again."

Awww, such a good friend.

Check out this video of Maggie Q and Justin Long promoting Die Hard 4.0

Nikita: Hollywood Funnyguy Is Going to Get His Ass Kicked by Maggie Q
By Marc Malkin and Brett Malec

Season 1 Episode 8, Phoenix Photos Part 2

Additional photos for the November 4 episode of Nikita titled "Phoenix"

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: Maggie Q as Nikita and Spencer Garrett As Senator Jack Kerrigan Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: Spencer Garrett As Senator Jack Kerrigan and Maggie Q as Nikita Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: Spencer Garrett As Senator Jack Kerrigan and Maggie Q as Nikita Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: Maggie Q as Nikita and Spencer Garrett As Senator Jack Kerrigan Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: Spencer Garrett As Senator Jack Kerrigan and Maggie Q as Nikita Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: Maggie Q as Nikita Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Nikita "Phoenix" Pictured: (L-R) Kirsten Bishopric As Mrs. Harcourt, Maggie Q as Nikita,and Stephen Bogaert As Mr. Harcourt Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.