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Melinda Clarke on her character Amanda

The Zap2It article presented Melinda Clarke's thoughts on her character and of the show using bullet points:

  • I can only assume that Amanda 20 years ago was in the exact same position that maybe Alex was in. However there's all kinds of back stories we can come up with. Maybe she's the one who actually runs Division, who knows?"
  • "I don't think anyone who works at Division wants to be on the wrong side of Amanda. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of Amanda."
  • "She's clearly in control and together and beautiful. I personally want her to be progressive and fashion forward and not matronly. I think the show lends itself to that. I'm hoping that even though the young girls are supposed to be looking at Nikita's fashions -- which is rockin' -- I think that my character will be the same."
  • "[The shoes are] always a four-inch heel with a platform. That definitely lends itself to the character, so sometimes when I take them off for a shot, sometimes the attitude is gone."
  • "There will be a few surprises. Better be, soon. Nobody's told me, but on my own, I'll bet for sure I'll have some action."
  • "I trained quite a bit years ago for and action show called 'Soldier of Fortune.' I consider this role a combination between that character, who was a secret operative, and Lady Heather."
  • "If you're lucky enough to be on a show where you live with the weapon, which is what we did on 'Soldier of Fortune,' it's like driving a car. It comes back pretty easily. I've done some hand-to-hand combat with Maggie."
  • "Usually [my weapon of choice is] the Glock 9mm, which isn't that fabulous, but it works. It's very efficient. Knives are good too. I've done knife fights and can use a knife very well."

Tate Donovan as Director:
"I think Amanda needs a love interest of some sort. You know who'd love to work with? Love, love, love Tate Donovan. It's so much more than his just being a great actor. He's an incredible human being and we just laughed our asses off all day long. He just makes me laugh. You know what he's doing now? He's actually directing, so I'd love for him to come and direct. Tate Donovan needs to come and direct 'Nikita.'"

The article can be read over here.

'Nikita' set visit: Melinda Clarke talks her weapon of choice and Julie Cooper
By Hanh Nguyen

Video Interview on Melinda Clarke

Here's Zap2It's interview on Melinda Clarke from their Nikita set visit.

Nikita' set visit: Melinda Clarke talks her weapon of choice and Julie Cooper
By Hanh Nguyen

Shane West on his character Michael

In his interview with Zap2It, Shane West had this to say about Michael:

On keeping up with his female co-stars:
"What you can expect from Michael is everything and anything,"

About doing his action and fight scenes:
"I've done action and fight scenes before, but I was never supposed to be any sort of trained fighter in any sense of the word," he admits. "Doing kicks has been the hardest thing because of making it look good. You can kick anyone without lifting your foot very high and it'll be just as effective, but on camera, it's all about lifting the knee really high and extending."

About taking yoga:
"I'm not a yoga guy. I've been an athlete all my life. I never stretched but I never hurt myself. I was one of those annoying guys. Now I've realized with this show I need to do a lot of stretching. I might have to get into yoga. It works. I just hope they don't throw any extra kicks in in the next few episodes so I get a chance to learn."

On Nikita:
"She was one of my students, yes," says West from his character's point of view. "It was six years ago when she was in Division. She's been gone rogue for four years. I believe that in the few years that she was in Division, something blossomed between them -- whether it was physical, emotional, I don't know yet."

On Michael:
"I think that Michael would say he thinks it's a very important agency that does things that most people cannot do and work they cannot get to, situations they can't fix," says West. "I believe that he knows that some of their missions may be sketchy, but he believes that inherently there's a good reason behind everything Percy does. He doesn't necessarily trust him but he does feel he owes him."

For the complete interview, click here.

'Nikita' set visit: Shane West tells tattoo stories, needs yoga
By Hanh Nguyen

Video Interview on Shane West

Another exclusive interview by Zap2It on the set of Nikita. This time its Shane West.

'Nikita' set visit: Shane West tells tattoo stories, needs yoga
By Hanh Nguyen

Missing Jaden on Episode 7

We missed Jaden last episode though we had a brilliant guest star with Bug Hall as Robbie. For all those asking, Jaden will be back on Episode 9, as posted on her Twitter. Boo! We will still be missing her on the upcoming episode.
@izfab Where has Jaden been?<- no worries! Jadens back in 109! I took off a few epi's 2travel back 2LA to shoot my role of Michelle on Bones

Happy Halloween!

Seems like our Nikita stars have a different take on Halloween. Check out their tweets:

Ashton Holmes (Thom)
Eff you Halloween. You suck.

Devon Sawa (Owen)
I hate every holiday except National Pancake Day. Which is March 8th this next year.

Lyndsey Fonseca
Going out!

She also previously posted these pics:
People r already dressing up at work!

Rita "working"

Like that pic of Rita. Looks like the training area.

Tiffany Hines (Jaden)
Chillin on set waiting to shoot this scene, then off to dress up for some kickass Halloween fun! Woohoo

And she dressed up as Cleopatra. Fierce!
@StevieBrock Cleopatra! What about u?

Seems like out Nikita stars were hard at work before they could go off to Halloween parties :) That's nice to know though :)

Happy Halloween fellow Nikita fans! What's your costume this year?

Stan Lee Cameo

How could I have missed it???? The Generalissimo on Nikita! Shame on me a Brigadier! He appeared as Hank Excelsior, a bystander at the bank robbery on Season 1 Episode 5.

I'm laughing at the name because Mr. Stan Lee almost ends his daily tweets with "Excelsior."

I checked out previous tweets of the Generalissimo and saw this tweet.
Your Generalissimo gets ready for another show stopping cameo.

Got yah, Generalissimo. Same clothes in the tweet and your cameo. The following day he tweeted this:
Not only did I spend quality time with the fabulous Felicia Day, but I did a cool cameo for the lovely Maggie Q’s new TV series “Nikita”

Additional photos from Stan Lee's cameo:

Nikita "The Guardian" Pictured: Stan Lee and Maggie Q. Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg. /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Nikita "The Guardian" Pictured: Stan Lee as a distinguished bystander and Imali Perera as the reporter. Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg. /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Nikita "The Guardian" Pictured: Stan Lee as a distinguished bystander Photo Credit: Ben Mark Holzberg. /The CW ©2010 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

How did the Generalissimo got a cameo? According to IGN:
Lee's Nikita cameo came about when the show's star, Maggie Q, met Lee at San Diego Comic-Con in July and the two discussed the possibility of Lee appearing on the show. With Lee in Toronto (where Nikita films) for Fan Expo this past weekend, the timing worked out for him to also film a scene for the TV series.

I wonder who else will be doing a cameo on Nikita. Who would you want to do a cameo?

Stan Lee Takes on Nikita
by Eric Goldman

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Extra perks for Devon Sawa

Thumbs up to the customs agent that helped Devon Sawa. You rock! He sent this tweet:
Evidently the customs agent loves #Nikita and thinks she's "hot"..... So thank you Maggie Q for a speedy boarder crossing. #4hoursearly

His character may be out for now but surely it still has benefits. LOL :)

One character out, another one in

With Owen (Devon Sawa) out of Episode 7...
Kinda sad I'm not on tonight's #nikita, but I'll still be glued to the television! Hopefully I'll be back! #nikita #cw #9pm #amazing

From Devon Sawa's Twitter

...Another character is being introduced in Nikita.
I'm on #Nikita TONIGHT at 9pm! Who's watching?!
From Bug Hall's Twitter

We want more of Robbie!

Hey guys, lets help Bug Hall's character Robbie return on our show Nikita.

Bug Hall tweeted this:
Go here- -if you want to see me back on the show, and tell the CW what's up!

We want more of Robbie, right? So what are you waiting for! Click on that link and tell CW that we want Bug Hall/Robbie back on the show!

Twitter Accounts of Nikita Stars

And the list is growing!

Updated list as of posting, adding Bug Hall.

Tiffany Hines (Jaden)
Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex)
Ashton Holmes (Thom)
Devon Sawa (Owen)
Bug Hall (Robbie)

Let me know if I missed anyone :)

Season 1 Episode 8, Phoenix Preview Clip

Check out the preview to next week's episode of Nikita:

It's Alex and Thom kissing!! OMG! Can't wait!

Bug Hall is Another Tattooed Nikita Cast

As seen on Season 1 Episode 7, Bug Hall or Robbie has a tattoo on his chest. Just like Lyndsey Fonseca and Maggie Q.

I wonder if its real though. Lyndsey and Maggie Q have said that they have real tattoos and are allowed not to have it covered by makeup.

Season 1 Episode 7, The Recruit

You can read the episode recap of for Episode 7 of the action-packed show Nikita here.

Don't read if you haven't seen the episode yet. Full of spoilers :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

Twitter Accounts of Nikita Stars

Well, well, well. So far so good. My list of Nikita stars with Twitter accounts is accurate as confirmed by Tiffany Hines' tweet today.
So lotta peeps askin 4 #Nikita actors legit Twitter @LyndsyMFonseca @ashtonholmes @DevonESawa and me aka @tiffanyhines1 r only official ones

Devon Sawa is The Guardian

Oops! The blog title is a spoiler for those who haven't watched Season 1 Episodes 5 and 6. Anyway, Devon Sawa guest stars as Owen. And he is one mean assassin. Like Nikita, he has gone rogue from Division.

I hope his character is a recurring role but Devon Sawa sent this tweet today:
I don't know if I'll be returning to Nikita. Im in Toronto right now judging a Molson Beer bikini contest. That is all. Nikita rocks though.

Too bad, he perfectly fits right in since he's tattooed also.
We also would like to note that he has two tattoos -- a cartoon devil on one arm and a cross on the other arm -- so he'll fit right in with the "Nikita" cast.

Nikita' peek: Devon Sawa kicks Maggie Q's butt
By Hanh Nguyen

'Nikita': Devon Sawa will guest star as a new nemesis
By Hanh Nguyen

Maggie Q Has Three Tattoos

Our favorite rogue assassin Nikita, played by Maggie Q, sports a tattoo in one of their posters.

And I thought its a fake. Surprise surpise, its a real one! And she gets to keep it on the show. It will not be covered in makeup.
Another way her time in Asia changed her life can be seen in the "Nikita" poster, more specifically on her upper thigh and hip. The tattoo of a phoenix is her own, and Q is thrilled she doesn't have to hide them with makeup to play Nikita.

Why a phoenix?
The phoenix -- just one of three tattoos Q sports -- has a curious origin story of its own. Apparently, while living in Asia, she tagged along with friends who'd visit fortunetellers.

"They'd always look at me at the end of the session and tell me, 'You're a bird.' Always," she says. "I didn't get it. As I started getting older, I got it. I met an artist who basically said, 'You understand what bird you represent. You're a phoenix because you've come from nothing and you're building something.' I wanted it to be the bird of strength."

But the article doesn't tell us what the 2 other tattoos are. Boo.

Read the full article here.

'Nikita': Maggie Q reveals her tattoo's origin story
By Hanh Nguyen

Lyndsey Fonseca's take on Alex and Amanda

For me, Amanda's character is scary. You know that she can break you emotionally. But you can see in the episodes that Alex will not be an easy one for Amanda. Lyndsey Fonseca has this to say about Amanda:
"Amanda is definitely not somebody Alex likes," Fonseca tells Zap2it during a break. "Amanda symbolizes someone very negative to Alex. That will always be somewhat of a barrier."

Alex is almost as tough as Nikita so you'd admire her easily as much as you'd admire Nikita:
"There's not a whole lot that can scare Alex," Fonseca observes. "She's not afraid of dying. She's been through it all -- you name it, she went through it."

Go read the full article here.

'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca shows off her tattoos
By Hanh Nguyen

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Season 1 Episode 11

I am on Twitter-mode (see previous post) and read this tweet of Lyndsey last Tuesday:
Wow! Is all I can say after reading episode 11 #Nikita. Best one yet. I'm in shock.

A little more wait for us but for sure it will be worth the wait.

Twitter Accounts of Nikita Stars

Updated list as of posting, adding Devon Sawa.

Tiffany Hines (Jaden)
Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex)
Ashton Holmes (Thom)
Devon Sawa (Owen)

Let me know if I missed anyone :)

Nikita is Topping the Pirates List

This is Devon Sawa's tweet earlier:
yo @LyndsyMFonseca @tiffanyhines1 Holy shit!

And that prompted me to check out the link.

It may not be a real achievement but Nikita is the only new show that topped the pirates list, which I think promoted Devon Sawa to say "Holy shit!"
On the television front, most new shows haven't gained much traction in the torrent universe. One exception, according to a list of top shows on the Pirate Bay, is CW's Nikita, which seems to have attracted an online following.

Click on the link to check out the article.

Piracy Hot List: 'Wall Street,' 'Red,' Britney Spears, CW's 'Nikita'
By Eriq Gardner

Picture: Maggie Q and Shane West

CW president Dawn Ostroff is flanked by "Nikita's" Maggie Q and Shane West at the network's TCA party

Photo credits to The Wrap

Maggie as The New Face of CW

Lori Openden, Senior VP of Talent and Casting at CW, has this to say about Maggie Q:
"We all feel that there's nobody we could have chosen to play this role better than Maggie," Openden says. "We feel we've hit the jackpot."

Way to go! They surely hit the jackpot with her!

Other interesting things from the article:
- This is the first venture into American television but has previously starred in American movies.
Since returning to the U.S., she's appeared in such action films as "Mission: Impossible III" and "Live Free or Die Hard."

But this is her first venture into American television.

- Thank you Mr. Dan Shaner for casting Maggie Q.
So the stakes are high for both The CW and for Maggie, whose consideration for the lead role in the series was initiated by Dan Shaner, an independent casting director that The CW brought in to cast the show.

The full article can be found here.

Maggie Q: The New Face of The CW
The Wrap

Maggie Q: 'To Break Stereotypes You Need Power'

Asians are still considered a minority in the US. And we all know that stereotypes are hard to break. But having able to grab a lead role of a TV show surely broke stereotypes. We have to thank Maggie Q for that. Hey, maybe this is a start of diversity in casting in Hollywood.
"Nikita" won't help Q defy perceptions about Asian actors, but she said she hopes the show helps her strengthen her foothold in Hollywood so that she can challenge stereotypes later in her career.

"When we want to break stereotypes, there'll be time for that, but to break stereotypes you need power," Q said.

More power to you, Miss Q!

You can read the full article here.

CW Star Maggie Q: 'To Break Stereotypes You Need Power'
By Hunter Walker

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rumor Makeover for Nikita

According to Spinoff Online, our loved show Nikita will be having a slight makeover in the upcoming episodes to attract more female viewers.
Despite becoming the “second most-watched show on the CW” – according to the press release about the order – the series is to undergo a slight makeover in upcoming episodes in order to attract more female viewers, according to recent rumors.

Whatever those changes are, it'll still be fun & interesting to watch Nikita every week :)

Check out the rest of the article here.

CW Gives Nikita A Full Season
by Graeme McMillan

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Video Interview on Lyndsy Fonseca

Ooh, an exclusive interview on Lyndsy Fonseca by Zap2It during their Nikita set visit in Toronto.

'Nikita': Lyndsy Fonseca shows off her tattoos
By Hanh Nguyen

Lyndsy Fonseca on her character Alex & the show

I had the same thought when I was watching Nikita Season 1 Episode 2: it had shades of the TV show "Dollhouse". I miss watching that show!!! And I digress :)
There are shades of "Dollhouse" going on here, not necessarily because she's being made to order for this particular case, but because of the shadowy agency that has ambiguous motives and that pervading sense of foreboding.

What Lyndsy Fonseca has to say about her character Alex:
"I think Alex has to play a part and play a game of getting along to a certain extent because she's here for a job"

On being girly and dressing up:
"It's kind of fun to be all girly and put on a pretty dress with heels and get made up, but then I'm like, 'Okay, I'm ready for my recruit-wear now.'"

About the show:
"They've been really amazing with creating flashbacks that tell a lot of the history of Alex and Nikita and how they came to meet"

Read the full article over here.

'Nikita': Alex the mole gets activated
By Hanh Nguyen

Tiffany Hines Facebook Fan Page

I found on Tiffany Hines' Twitter account the link to her Facebook Fan Page. Yeah, I didn't search for it on first on Facebook. Silly me :)

Click on that "Like" button or Jaden might kick your ass!

Twitter Accounts of Nikita Stars

Just a handful of them on Twitter as of posting. You can follow them on Twitter by clicking on their names.

Tiffany Hines (Jaden)
Lyndsy Fonseca (Alex)
Ashton Holmes (Thom)

Let me know if I missed anyone :)

Maggie Q's Stand on Animals and Diversity

In an interview with, "Nikita" star Maggie Q has this to say about animals and being vegetarian:
"I've never felt better in my life, ever. In terms of consciousness, what benefits our body and benefits animal welfare also benefits the planet. It's all connected," said Maggie Q, who's active with animal protection groups.

Hmmm. And I think they somehow translated that into the show when Nikita offered Owen veggie shakes. And to quote "I make a mean veggie shake." (Season 1, Episode 6)

And this is what she had to say about diversity:
She's pleased that aspiring Asian-American performers can point to her and say, "'When I get there, it’s going to be easier for me."'

The full article can be read here.

'Nikita' star makes a stand for diversity, animals

The CW Gives Full Season Orders To “Hellcats,” “Nikita” and “One Tree Hill”

As posted in site of The Wrap, Nikita is one of the three CW shows with full season order. Yay! As announced by Dawn Ostroff, President, Entertainment, The CW:

"This fall, The CW made several strategic scheduling moves, including adding two of the most buzzed-about new series, 'Hellcats' and 'Nikita,' to our line-up, and we're thrilled that they've paid off for us," said Ostroff. "By giving our two freshman series and proven performer 'One Tree Hill' full orders, we’ll be able to continue our success and momentum throughout the rest of the season."

You can read the rest of the press release here.

CW Orders Full Seasons of 'Hellcats,' 'Nikita'
By Josh Dickey

Three Stars for Nikita from The Spy Report

Three out of five? Not bad! And for a pilot season at that :) Way to go, Nikita!

Bits and pieces of the review:

Good pilot episode.
The first episode starts the series off well, with a good start and ending. It's not one of those shows that make you question why she turned on the people who trained her: it gives you answers straight away.

Good production values.
The production values of the show are good. For a CW show, with a likely small budget, the show has some good special effects, although we see little of these in the first episode. For a first episode, it would have been good to see a few explosions or fires.

And the article ended with this sentence:
It's definitely one to watch.

OH YEAH! To read the full review, click here.

Review: Nikita
By The Spy Report
Written by Turdall

High-Powered Weapons and No Stunt Doubles for Nikita

Each and every episode of Nikita is action-packed. And I mean intensely packed. We all know that. But in TV land, we always assume that its all fake and actors and actresses have stunt doubles. Not for our Nikita. In Maggie Q's interview with Star Adviser, it was mentioned that:

Her high-powered weapons are real, and the butt-kicking fights don't involve a stunt double, but the best way to gauge the action that Maggie Q delivers as the star of the CW's "Nikita" is to look at her bruises. They're sore-to-the-touch authentic.

OMG. FOR REALZ. I am truly amazed! And she's doing all of that because of her fans!

"I owe my audience something authentic," the actress said. "I feel if they are tuning in and if they like my work, then they should see something and experience something very real because I want it to be real for them, because it's definitely real for me."

Aww. How touching! And to add more authenticity to the show, they use real weapons.

And those aren't plastic weapons on the set of "Nikita," she said. The only thing that's fake is the ammunition.

"We shoot blanks," she said. "You get the same recoil as you do on a real shot. It's all very loud and real."

To read the full article, click here.

Crazy for Miss Q
The CW's action-packed television series "Nikita" gains from the Hawaii-born actress' bruising pain
By Mike Gordon

Monday, October 25, 2010

Official Facebook Fan Page

These days everyone is on Facebook. Yeah, even my 58-year-old mom. And almost all shows or products have a fan page. It has become part and parcel of today's marketing activities.

After visiting the official website of Nikita, I clicked on this button:

(Screenshot taken from

And I joined fifty eight thousand other fans. As of posting, this is the profile picture of the fan page:

(Image taken from

So time to hit that "Like" button and be a fan of Nikita. Just follow this link:

Official Website of Nikita

I just started watching Nikita over the weekend and I am hooked! I may be late into the game but better late than never, right? :)

For all the new Nikita fans out there, this is their official website:

Much like the other CW show websites like Gossip Girl and Vampire Diaries, it is loaded with stuff. Photos, videos, music, previews, interviews and so much more!

Go check it out, Nikita fans!