Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Three Stars for Nikita from The Spy Report

Three out of five? Not bad! And for a pilot season at that :) Way to go, Nikita!

Bits and pieces of the review:

Good pilot episode.
The first episode starts the series off well, with a good start and ending. It's not one of those shows that make you question why she turned on the people who trained her: it gives you answers straight away.

Good production values.
The production values of the show are good. For a CW show, with a likely small budget, the show has some good special effects, although we see little of these in the first episode. For a first episode, it would have been good to see a few explosions or fires.

And the article ended with this sentence:
It's definitely one to watch.

OH YEAH! To read the full review, click here.

Review: Nikita
By The Spy Report
Written by Turdall

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