Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shane West discussing "One Way"

Got the link from Devon Sawa's tweet. So I checked it out. We saw in this episode about Michael's past and how Nikita "lost" Michael. *heartbreak*

Snippets from the article:

  • This felt like a good time to get into why Michael is as dark and violent as he can be
  • Yet he still seems to have a heart and have feelings for Nikita and his job caring for the recruits
  • In this episode we get to see flashbacks of when he was younger and happier with his family before he was ever at Division
  • In the flashbacks I'm clean-shaven
  • It brings them together but it doesn't end well. I hope the audience will be upset in a good way about it.
  • It's hard to keep them apart. This is going to make it a little easier to keep them apart for a while because that is, in truth, where the love story is

Read the rest of what Shane West had to say about the episode "One Way" here.

'Nikita': Shane West on Michael's past, potential romances
By Hanh Nguyen

Nikita returns on Dec 2

There will be no new Nikita episodes this week. Awww, too bad. CW will be airing "Kill Jill" (Episode 3) this Thurs and "Rough Trade" (Episode 4) next week. But a new episode will be aired on Dec 2. Episode title is "Dark Matter" and we may see the return of Owen. Woooohooo! And that's confeeeeermed by Devon himself.
What?!!! Whos on #nikita December 2nd? I forgot about that episode. Must of slipped my mind..... can't get nothing by you guys. WOOT WOOT!!

A Facebook event has been created to remind everyone that a new episode will be aired on December 2.

Nikita stars' obsession with Call of Duty

Our Nikita stars Tiffany Hines and Devon Sawa have been raving about Call of Duty: Black Ops. In case you haven't heard of it, it's a video game.

Even before it was released last November 9, Devon Sawa and Tiffany Hines were anticipating its release.
Devon Sawa
On the 9th i will be nerding it out with the new Call of Duty and by the sounds of things @tiffanyhines1 may be too. #videogamejunkies

Tiffany Hines
Awwww yeeeaahhh! Call of Duty Black Ops u r sooooo miiinneeeee!

And they have even called for a match!
Devon Sawa
#NIKITA Call of Duty? @tiffanyhines1 haha..practice young lady. Cause if I come back, we're going head to head till the death. OWEN VS JADEN

Tiffany Hines
@DevonESawa omg u r soooo on! Brang itttttt!

Like all addicting video games, it will suck time out of your life.
Devon Sawa
eyes are sore, neck has a kink in it, hands are stuck in the shape of the claw and I've had to use the bathroom real bad for 7/hs #BlackOps

Tiffany Hines
Please don't contact me for the next week. I will be playing Call of Duty Black Ops

Not only that, you will have a hard time defining what's real and what's not. Haha.

Devon Sawa
someone keeps pounding on the door yelling fire. I think. Cant tell. Could be real. *bang bang bang* "fire!!!".. Cant stop though. #BLACKOPS

The best good guys are GIRLS!

Been very busy with work so I couldn't post updates. Boo. Anyway, I just loved the way they described the Nikita girls, well, Nikita and Alex as "the best good guys are girls!" Yeah baby! Gotta love that! :)

They have wit, charm, style and they're here to prove that sometimes the best good guys are girls!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday Tweets of the Nikita Stars

Our Nikita stars are not remiss on their part in promoting their show.
Tiffany Hines
* I realize evry1's playin Black Ops Online, but if u don't take a brk@ 9pm &watch #Nikita, I will hunt u dwn wher u live &physically fight u

* Hey East Coast! A new episode of #Nikita starts now! Put down the xbox console and watch!!! #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita #Nikita

Devon Sawa
* Shane West talking about tonight's #NIKITA ... gonna get deep.... Can't wait. 9 CW ...... what a great cast.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Nikita Cancelled or Renewed?

We know that CW has picked up Nikita for a full season but TV By The Numbers is predicting potential renewal or cancellation based on the ratings. Nikita's report card reads: more likely to be renewed than cancelled by May, 2011.

The recent adults 18-49 ratings for 90210, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, Hellcats and Nikita are so close that they all look more likely to be renewed than cancelled. I don’t expect much clarity on their ratings until after the New Year, since the CW is close to entering its 2 month repeat hiatus.

Yeah baby! We will be seeing more of Maggie, Lyndsy, Shane, Tiffany, Xander, Melinda, and Aaron. And hopefully more of Devon and Bug.

The complete prediction can be read here.

CW: Game Over For Life Unexpected
By Bill Gorman

Casting for a Love Interest for Alex

TV Fanatic reports that there is the Nikita people are casting for a love interest for Alex.
The show is casting for an attractive actor to come on board The CW drama in the role of a new neighbor for Alex.

Look for this recurring character to offer Alex a glimpse outside the world of Division and give her hope that life doesn't have to be so scary and depressing all the time.

Since Thom is now an agent, then someone else will take his room. Hence the casting. But will we still Thom? What about the Michael angle?

I'm sure we are all dying to know who will be this new guy. And I do hope that they Alex and the new guy will have good chemistry on-screen. Something to look forward to, Nikita fans!

Nikita: Casting for a Love Interest
By Matt Richenthal