Saturday, November 6, 2010

'Nikita' review by TeenToday.Co.UK

An all-around good review for Nikita. Praises abound!

  • We don’t want to give too much away, especially if you haven’t seen the pilot, which runs along at a fairly rudimentary speed until throwing in a total game-changer in the final five minutes, but it’s basically Alias for the noughties… except Alias was in the noughties but you get my drift… Spooks on a bigger budget, 24 but with a hot female lead. In short, it’s awesome.
  • In addition to all the action, there’s a few romantic subplots scattered here and there, plus just enough tantalising hints of backstory thrown at us each episode to make us hungry for more.
  • But if it’s a high-kicking, hard-punching forty minutes of fast-paced intrigue and action you’re up for, Nikita might be just your bag. With a bomb in it. But your bag nonetheless.

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Why Nikita kicks ass – literally!
By Rach Read

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