Friday, November 5, 2010

Thursday Tweets of the Nikita Stars

Thursday night is Nikita night so expect loads of tweets from our Nikita stars.

Devon Sawa
* #nikita tonight at 9.

* Everybody NOT in the UK, fly there and watch me on NIKITA.... Everybody IN the UK turn to Living(?) tonight at some point. THANKS MATES!

* watched and loved this weeks #nikita.... glad I was a part of such great TV!

Tiffany Hines
* It's Thurs y'all! U kno wat dat means! Another new epi of #Nikita! on CW @ 9pm! & Get ready cause Jaden returns Nov 11 & causes trbl 4 alex!

Lyndsy Fonseca
* Tonight! #Nikita. via @youtube

Melinda Clarke
(unrelated tweet but nonetheless a 'Nikita' tweet)
* Just finished an 15 hour day on set of #nikita with Maggie Q. All I can say..She's a rock star! I'm in awe!!!

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