Tuesday, November 9, 2010

No work for Nikita stars Lyndsy, Melinda, Tiffany, Shane and Aaron

Thanks to the tweets of Lyndsy and we knew that she and other Nikita stars Melinda Clarke, Tiffany Hines, Shane West and Aaron Stanford watched a football game yesterday. They watched a game between Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears, who won the game.

* Off to the bills game!! With #Nikita

* Get ready!

(Lyndsy looks like a super sweet girl in this pic.)

* Too fun!

(Shane West is so hot in that pose!)

* Thank goodness for days off!

(She sure does look like she's having fun. Good for her!)

Melinda Clarke may not be in any of the pictures but she was with the Nikita gang. And rooting for the American team.
* Bills- Bears! My first football game!!!!! Go Bears!!!!

Tiffany Hines posted a few days later a pic of Lyndsy and her wearing pigtails.
Apparently every female cast member of #Nikita decided pigtails were the perfect football game accessories

Aww, its nice to know that our Nikita stars do hang out outside of work.

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