Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Living TV's Nikita show page

Nikita has premiered in the UK. It is being aired by Living TV. Check out the show page they created for Nikita. The site also has interviews of Maggie and Lyndsy.

Excerpts from the (short) interview:

On Maggie:
He didn’t duck. Do you like how I don’t directly say it was his fault? But I am like, if you don’t want to get hit, you gotta duck!

(She's a real kick-ass!)

On Lyndsy:
Alex is just really complex, and so is Nikita. These women are complex, like in real life, you are not always just one thing, and the writing really holds up to that.

If you are curious about Nikita's ratings in the UK, you can check out this TV Ratings UK page. Pretty decent numbers for Nikita. YAY!

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