Saturday, November 6, 2010

That pool party scene with Nikita wearing a red bikini

Maggie Q mentioned at the San Diego Comic Con panel that she was told but she was going to wear a classic one-piece bathing suit. But when the bathing suit was handed to her, it turned out to be a two-piece bathing suit with a string. Maggie talked more about that scene in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.
It was absolutely terrifying. Also, it was supposed to be a small scene. It’s like a private party of seven or eight people. I get to set and there’s like 100 hot extras with like massive t**s and they’re gorgeous. And I was like, “Really you guys?!” Now I’m walking around set looking like a 12-year old boy next to all these hot girls with huge boobs. I was so horrified. I was dying.

What makes me like this show more is Maggie's dedication to the show. She's doing it with so much passion.
People ask me whether I’m nervous, but I weirdly don’t feel nervous, and not because I don’t think I’ll fail. I’ve certainly failed in my life at different times and I’m sure I’ll fail again. It’s because I feel like the energy I put into pressure or feeling nervous, I could just put into something really great. That’s really my goal. My mind is all about work. I see those posters and I got, “S**t I better live up to that hype!” Not by taking more clothes off but by making something that people won’t forget. That’s what it is for me.

The interview can be read over here.

'Nikita' star Maggie Q talks her new hit series, kicking butt, and being a Jackie Chan protege
by Tim Stack

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