Wednesday, November 3, 2010

'Nikita' review by The New York Times

I found these points/thoughts interesting.

  • That failure of imagination serves at least one purpose: it reinforces how suited Maggie Q is to the role of Nikita: she has a solemn, exotic beauty and hauteur that echo the heroine’s self-possession and cool relentlessness.
  • Nikita is noticeably more hard-boiled and less girlish than the undercover agent played by Jennifer Garner on “Alias,” or the C.I.A. rookie that Piper Perabo plays on “Covert Affairs.”
  • But for all its pandering, “Nikita” is actually a well-made thriller for grown-ups: a heroine in a decidedly unheroic line of work.

The full review can be found here though the review is mixed with "Hellcats."

Lethal Woman With Weapons Is Out for Covert Vengeance
By Alessandra Stanley

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