Monday, November 1, 2010

Nikita iPhone App: Nikita Spy Training Mobile

For those who have an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, you can download the Nikita app Nikita Spy Training Module for free! Just head over to iTunes and download.

A secret unit of the government called Division is looking for new recruits to track down escaped assassin Nikita. As a rookie in the Division Spy Training Program you are required to successfully pass several levels of weapons training by demonstrating your exceptional skill in their multi-target firing range. Prove yourself and you could possibly be selected to hunt down Nikita.

Nikita Spy Training Mobile Features

-Fast paced shooting range
(As your time counts down your targets speed up)
-Bonuses awarded for head shots and bullseyes
-Multiple weapon upgrades
-Multiple targets
(Choose your targets wisely as some reward time bonuses)
-Facebook bragging
(Earn badges based on your score and post it to Facebook)
-Exclusive video
(Earn a high enough score to receive a priority one message from Division)



You can download the free app here.

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