Monday, November 1, 2010

The future of CWTV depends on Nikita

Just how important is Nikita? The future of CWTV depends on it. In an interview with WBTV President Peter Roth by Broadcasting & Cable, he said:
On The CW schedule, there’s one show in particular, and I will immodestly say that we produce it, called Nikita that I think is very, very important to the future fate of the network. That is because it expands the reach of the network. It’s not a typical 18-34 female-oriented show; it’s a show designed to expand the brand. It’s important that it succeeds not just for the company but for the network.

So go get your friends now to watch Nikita. The show's success is VERY IMPORTANT.

WBTV's Roth: The CW's "Future Fate" Depends on 'Nikita'
By Melissa Grego

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