Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Shane West discussing "One Way"

Got the link from Devon Sawa's tweet. So I checked it out. We saw in this episode about Michael's past and how Nikita "lost" Michael. *heartbreak*

Snippets from the article:

  • This felt like a good time to get into why Michael is as dark and violent as he can be
  • Yet he still seems to have a heart and have feelings for Nikita and his job caring for the recruits
  • In this episode we get to see flashbacks of when he was younger and happier with his family before he was ever at Division
  • In the flashbacks I'm clean-shaven
  • It brings them together but it doesn't end well. I hope the audience will be upset in a good way about it.
  • It's hard to keep them apart. This is going to make it a little easier to keep them apart for a while because that is, in truth, where the love story is

Read the rest of what Shane West had to say about the episode "One Way" here.

'Nikita': Shane West on Michael's past, potential romances
By Hanh Nguyen

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