Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Shane West making it big

Just wanted to quote this last paragraph from the article "A Phoenix of a Film Exhumes a Punk Prince" because it speaks of Shane West's journey to where he is now.
“Darby would totally appreciate a teen idol actor from ‘ER’ playing him,” Mr. Bolles said. “We get recognized at clubs. Shane gets recognized at airports. He said he was going to be huge, Darby did, and nobody really ever believed him. I think this is another part of that long last laugh.”
(Don Bolles is the drummer of the Germs.)

I recommend you to read the article if you want to understand the journey of the movie "What We Do Is Secret."

Aptly so, the next episode of Nikita is "Phoenix." And the title of the article has "phoenix" on it. Nice coincidence :)

A Phoenix of a Film Exhumes a Punk Prince
By Marc Spitz

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