Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Destined Role for Maggie Q

Others are overnight sensations. Others wait for years to have that big break. But when that big break comes, it will be worth it. Lucky for Maggie that she has been doing action for more than a decade already. Pioneer female action star? :)
"As lucky as I've been in other people's films, it's good to have my own thing," she says. "It's hard being a woman known for action films. Now you have Angelina (Jolie) in 'Salt,' but when I started, it wasn't the cool thing to do as an actress."

Maggie may have struggled for years with her action roles but it has lead to something big.
"There's no room to get your bearings when you do Asian films, which are emotionally and physically draining. I was groomed to be in this role right now," Q says of making movies in as little as two weeks to a month. "It's a workload I can handle and a genre I'm familiar with. The road I've traveled has brought me here."

You deserve it, Maggie!

'Nikita' role feels like destiny for Maggie Q
By Susan Young

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