Thursday, November 11, 2010

Casting for a Love Interest for Alex

TV Fanatic reports that there is the Nikita people are casting for a love interest for Alex.
The show is casting for an attractive actor to come on board The CW drama in the role of a new neighbor for Alex.

Look for this recurring character to offer Alex a glimpse outside the world of Division and give her hope that life doesn't have to be so scary and depressing all the time.

Since Thom is now an agent, then someone else will take his room. Hence the casting. But will we still Thom? What about the Michael angle?

I'm sure we are all dying to know who will be this new guy. And I do hope that they Alex and the new guy will have good chemistry on-screen. Something to look forward to, Nikita fans!

Nikita: Casting for a Love Interest
By Matt Richenthal

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