Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High-Powered Weapons and No Stunt Doubles for Nikita

Each and every episode of Nikita is action-packed. And I mean intensely packed. We all know that. But in TV land, we always assume that its all fake and actors and actresses have stunt doubles. Not for our Nikita. In Maggie Q's interview with Star Adviser, it was mentioned that:

Her high-powered weapons are real, and the butt-kicking fights don't involve a stunt double, but the best way to gauge the action that Maggie Q delivers as the star of the CW's "Nikita" is to look at her bruises. They're sore-to-the-touch authentic.

OMG. FOR REALZ. I am truly amazed! And she's doing all of that because of her fans!

"I owe my audience something authentic," the actress said. "I feel if they are tuning in and if they like my work, then they should see something and experience something very real because I want it to be real for them, because it's definitely real for me."

Aww. How touching! And to add more authenticity to the show, they use real weapons.

And those aren't plastic weapons on the set of "Nikita," she said. The only thing that's fake is the ammunition.

"We shoot blanks," she said. "You get the same recoil as you do on a real shot. It's all very loud and real."

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Crazy for Miss Q
The CW's action-packed television series "Nikita" gains from the Hawaii-born actress' bruising pain
By Mike Gordon

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