Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Seems like our Nikita stars have a different take on Halloween. Check out their tweets:

Ashton Holmes (Thom)
Eff you Halloween. You suck.

Devon Sawa (Owen)
I hate every holiday except National Pancake Day. Which is March 8th this next year.

Lyndsey Fonseca
Going out!

She also previously posted these pics:
People r already dressing up at work!

Rita "working"

Like that pic of Rita. Looks like the training area.

Tiffany Hines (Jaden)
Chillin on set waiting to shoot this scene, then off to dress up for some kickass Halloween fun! Woohoo

And she dressed up as Cleopatra. Fierce!
@StevieBrock Cleopatra! What about u?

Seems like out Nikita stars were hard at work before they could go off to Halloween parties :) That's nice to know though :)

Happy Halloween fellow Nikita fans! What's your costume this year?

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