Friday, October 29, 2010

Lyndsey Fonseca's take on Alex and Amanda

For me, Amanda's character is scary. You know that she can break you emotionally. But you can see in the episodes that Alex will not be an easy one for Amanda. Lyndsey Fonseca has this to say about Amanda:
"Amanda is definitely not somebody Alex likes," Fonseca tells Zap2it during a break. "Amanda symbolizes someone very negative to Alex. That will always be somewhat of a barrier."

Alex is almost as tough as Nikita so you'd admire her easily as much as you'd admire Nikita:
"There's not a whole lot that can scare Alex," Fonseca observes. "She's not afraid of dying. She's been through it all -- you name it, she went through it."

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By Hanh Nguyen

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