Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Lyndsy Fonseca on her character Alex & the show

I had the same thought when I was watching Nikita Season 1 Episode 2: it had shades of the TV show "Dollhouse". I miss watching that show!!! And I digress :)
There are shades of "Dollhouse" going on here, not necessarily because she's being made to order for this particular case, but because of the shadowy agency that has ambiguous motives and that pervading sense of foreboding.

What Lyndsy Fonseca has to say about her character Alex:
"I think Alex has to play a part and play a game of getting along to a certain extent because she's here for a job"

On being girly and dressing up:
"It's kind of fun to be all girly and put on a pretty dress with heels and get made up, but then I'm like, 'Okay, I'm ready for my recruit-wear now.'"

About the show:
"They've been really amazing with creating flashbacks that tell a lot of the history of Alex and Nikita and how they came to meet"

Read the full article over here.

'Nikita': Alex the mole gets activated
By Hanh Nguyen

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